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Paint and Play Workshops are an Opportunity for you to explore a variety of art mediums, try something new, and explore your personal creativity.  All workshops are Themed with a selected medium and subject matter, but the created outcome is purely yours.  My guided instruction, the sample artwork, and the suggested methods are provided in helping you create a piece of art that you are excited about.

"Simon Says"
Canvas & Acrylic / 2 Hours / $40.00 Workshop.

"Simon Says" - Created on the concept of a Name... the "Simon Series" was created using my brother's name.  Using his name I created several abstract art works, and have since used this method to help students learn about blending and color mixing.  Graphic Art Names are now a lovely gift for someone.  The color choices are adaptable for a "Child's room", as a "Wedding Gift" or just to celebrate a "Family Reunion"... 

"The Illustrated Story"
Pencil, Watercolor, and Acrylic / 3 Hours / $50 Workshop.

"Illustrated Story" - taking pictures from a favorite story.  The idea of a children's book coming to life and translating it into Fine Frame-able Art.  This style of artwork is beautiful for all ages to learn.  I use this a lot for holiday cards and special gifts.  I combine layers of paint, watercolor pencil and use fine brushes for the details.   This workshop is great for  students who enjoy small details, or want to challenge their color blending techniques.

"Painting Florals"
Floral Watercolor Workshop / 2 hours / $40

Daffodils with Watercolor and Fine Ink

Gerbera Daisy in Watercolor

Painting Florals is always a fun and relaxing way to introduce watercolor paints and surfaces to all students.  Learning how the Water is part of the process as much as selecting the type of watercolor paint and pigment is equally part of the instruction.  Blending, Bleeding, Fine Lining... all are explored in these simple exploration workshops.  Working from floral centerpieces the student is encouraged to paint what they see, and explore the details as loosely or as finely as they want.  

"Florals in Acrylic"
Canvas and Acrylic - 3 hour workshop / $50.00

Painting Florals in Acrylic is a great way to explore color and paint mixing techniques.  Using a floral centerpiece, seasonal or fresh flowers, and a vase or basket gives a real life focal point.  Each artist has their own perspective and detail to work with.  Composition, highlights, details, combinations of color, foreground, background, and overall layout are observed, discussed, and applied in this workshop.  
  Working from floral centerpieces the student is encouraged to paint what they see, and explore the details as loosely or as finely as they want. 

"wine and watercolor workshop"
3 hours / $35 per person 

Using a variety of papers... create bookmarks, greeting cards, and art to be framed.  Explore a variety of paints, watercolor pencils, and fine line markers to bring your watercolors alive on the paper.  This workshop is for all skill levels, and is conducted in a friendly care-free style that gives you the flexibility to explore your own creativity.  Florals or Freestyle, the choice is yours.  Ideal for parties of 6 - 12 people.  

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