Saturday, May 17, 2014

Paint and Play

Paint and Play
An Artistic Painting Party with South Bay Artist Suzanne Gibson
Tulips in Vase

Swag or Roses

Momma Owl

Birds of Paradise 

Pick the Date, The Time, The Location and the Occasion.
Pick the Guests,  
Pick the Subject Matter and Theme for the Event. Seasonal Still life or Floral Arrangement.
Medium:  Acrylic or Wax & Watercolor

Cost:  Individual Participation:  $40 (pre-paid) / $45 at the door (if space is available)
$70 per couple (pre-paid) / $80 at the door (if space is available)

Wine or Beer Service: Depends on the location, if an established bar/restaurant is used, then the service is entirely at the discretion of the bar.  Menu (to be arranged with the chosen location or as a pot-luck with your guests)
At a private home, then service and menu is the responsibility of the host.
Minimum age 21* and responsible service will be encouraged.  
Group Reservations available if paid in advance:  6 to 10 participants:

*Child Friendly Parties can be arranged*

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