Friday, January 12, 2018

Art Talk and Walk - Paint and Art Field Trips - Sketching Tours - 2018

Art Collector, Art Enthusiast, Walk and Talk and Sketch and Learn Series.

Dates and Locations are Subject to Change but here are the first 3 locations.

Union Station A Trip to the Station, probably take the Blue/Green Line there from Redondo Beach (for me)... We will post a timetable and meet up at Union Station.
Plan on Walking. Plan on Sketching... Plan on enjoying a Beverage or Two in the company of Friends and Art Lovers. We will Explore... We will Sketch... We will Learn and Be Inspired!

Cost: That's up to you! You bring the Supplies... You bring Your $$$
As I learn more about potential locations and menus and admission pricing I will post that.

Good Learning and Friends shouldn't cost a lot... But safely budget $50 and plan to not spend it all. And if you want to buy a steak, then buy a steak... or Drinks... That's your choice.

Kids: I intend this to be a "Grown up" adventure!

Getty Center Meet for a Group Walking Tour or Architecture Tour. Drawing Hour is scheduled for the afternoon. Visit the Getty Website for details and reservations / parking instructions.

Cost: See the Cafe & Restaurant Menus, as well as Parking Rates on the Website.

Kids: Yes for me. I'll bring Fiona and a Friend.

Palisades Park (TBD)
Early Morning Walk, Followed by lunch and a day sketching and exploring.
Details to follow once locations and specifics are planned.

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